Wide Area and Sensing Conference Hacked, Database Leaked for #OpbigBrother

logo_main Today an Anonymous hacker posted a leak of data to zerobin that comes from the Wide Area (https://wasc.rmtech.org/) and Sensing Conference held by Rocky Mountain Technology Alliance (https://rmtech.org/). The Conference which use to go by the name of High Altitude and Near Space Conference was recently change to the Wide Area and Sensing Conference but it appears some where along the way website security has been overlooked and as a result a dump of data has been leaked online along with the below message. > These are the people creating and profiting off of the surveillance state…they are the new enemy of liberty…yet its big brother (pun intended) is still just MONEY you and I are being sold and the lie is that it is for our own good…they like the idea of ‘1984’ that way we are much quieter…easier to control…keep an eye on the kids just like nanny cams but there is a billion dollar industry around this the very idea of the USA has been sold and most of america is buying right along with it…it is time to expose this operation and take it all down… below is a dump from here: https://wasc.rmtech.org/ notice the high ranking Gov’t officials that were there…the businesses providing their new tech. the bank that is ever present amongst this crowd https://www.centralbancorp.com/ i am researching the spiderweb of money and surveillance companies and will have more to share soon i hope… this knowledge needs to be shared…

The leak was announced here and here on twitter by @G3NTbl4ck and posted to zerobin. tweett The dumped data contains a full database extraction which contains 63 member accounts with company ids, addresses, home addresses, full names, multiple content numbers, encrypted passwords, user names and email addresses. There is also 2000+ email addresses as well as sponsor payment history, account details, vendors, events and other site related information.

2,573 E-mail’s Found in 2 Dump files. Total of 2,522 E-mail’s Found are unique

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