Will embattled state contractor try to get Minnesota Public Radio reporter thrown in jail?

David Brauer blogs:

With a hat tip to MPR’s own Bob Collins, a state contractor on the sharp end of public radio reporting seems to be threatening charges against the journalists who exposed security breaches in a job-seeker database.

MPR reporter Sasha Aslanian busted Texas-based Lookout Services Dec. 11 for leaving 500 names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers unsecured. Lookout ran state applicant data through the feds’ E-Verify system, and Aslanian says MPR was able to gain access to the private stuff “without using a password or encryption software.”

Monday, Lookout posted its response. The company, which announced a lawsuit against the state, is a bit more passive-aggressive when it comes to legal action against MPR. The statement notes that “the MPR reporter” was the only one who looked at some data, mentions possible federal violations and concludes ominously, “Lookout Services will aggressively seek prosecution of those responsible for this egregious act.

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