Wilmington L.A. Weight Loss closes, dumps client files in trash bin

David Reynolds reports in Star-News:

L.A. Weight Loss has shut its doors in a strip mall listed as 228 Eastwood Road, leaving some customers without services they say they’ve paid for. A paper sign on the door says the center is closed permanently. And this week, the Star-News found clients’ files thrown in a Dumpster near the back door.


The Star-News told the women that clients’ weekly progress reports were found in a trash bin behind the center on Tuesday. The forms, which are signed by clients, include medical history surveys, diet habits, weights and body measurements, and even the psychiatric medications taken by some clients.


Two days after the Star-News found the files, [one of the affected customers] went to the center and found the records still in the trash.

She collected them in trash bags.

Full story – StarNewsOnline.com

Comment: this is not the first report on L.A. Weight Loss dumping files with personal information. See, for example, this story in our archives of breaches. Reynolds also provides a lot of detail on other complaints against this company.

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