Woman Sentenced For ID Theft From Texas Hotel Computers

KWTX reports that Courtni Heryford, 29, was sentenced to eight years in prison for stealing personal information from people who used public computers at some Galveston, Texas hotels. Heryford pleaded guilty Monday in Galveston to fraudulent possession of identifying information. Read more on KWTX, although they don’t explain which hotels or what kind of contact these guests had with Heryford.

Heryford was arrested in September 2014 in this case, but it was not her first arrest for being in possession of stolen identity information. Online records indicate she had been arrested in April 2013 while in possession of less than 5 people’s identity information, and again in January 2014 on the same charge. This time, she was found in possession of more than 50 people’s information.

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