Womens Land Link Africa Hacked, 50,000 Accounts Leaked By #DoktorBass

AnonymousAustralia Hacktivist #DoktorBass has just released a big load of accounts from the Women’s Land Link Africa website. From a initial go over there appears to be over 50,000 emails and passwords many of which appear to also be duplicates. The website that was attacked is https://wllaweb.org/ and

The WLLA has been established by dedicated organizations already working at various levels-international regional and local-in and on the region, and beyond, on issues of women’s housing and land rights.

The leak has been posted to paste bin with a link to a 15mb file that has been uploaded to anonfiles. The file is in text format and contains the following short message.

Fucking enjoy. To dump the entire database would require me to leave my computer running for over a week straight, so this is simply a small portion of it. THIS IS NOT AN ANONYMOUS ATTACK, it is simply cyber-crime. Don’t complain to me about it 🙂 Yours Sincerely, #DoktorBass

The 15mb text file also contains usernames, emails and encrypted passwords and as you can see from the statement above the leak is only a partial database dump. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=2738 (still being processed) https://pastebin.com/5iBwZzn3

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