World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League Hacked, 175,333 Accounts Leaked by @smitt3nz

capture Tonight a hacker using the handle @smitt3nz has announced another leak which this time is from the World Poker Tour Amateur Poker League Website ( The leak has been announced from twitter and posted to> #leaked: – 175,333 #plaintext #passwords #hacked @Cyber_War_News #WPTAPL — rubber (@smitt3nz) January 3, 2014

The surprising part about this is the fact the an Australian government worker from the defence department has registered with the email. Other email addresses used are whitehouse, IRS, us courts, Wichita city (they got breached recently..), Federal Bureau of Prisons, Department of Justice, and many many many more. Leaked data contains a surprising 175,333 accounts with email addresses and clear text passwords. @smitt3nz has also made point to "Happy New Year to all y0 cr4ck3r5 & h4ck3r5 (46901 have the same password:sdf7asdf6asdg8df Default reset password?)" So it would seem the government likes poker and that poker sites like this one are clearly not protecting the identity of those using its services which to me really leaves a big question mark over the privacy policy they hold and what kind of liability they now face for having insecure content.

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