Worried about Target getting your information if you sign up for the free credit monitoring with Experian? Don’t be.

I’ve seen a number of comments around the web from individuals who are concerned about signing up for the free credit monitoring by Experian that’s been offered by Target.

So I contacted Experian and asked them if they share registration information with Target.  Here’s the reply I got from Greg Young, Director, Public Relations of Experian Consumer Services:

Your inquiry related to Target was forwarded to me. As a rule, Experian does not share ProtectMyID registration information with Target. Limited exceptions may occur when Target is contacted by guests with questions or issues related to the product, in which case information relevant to answering the question or solving the issue may be shared.

So if that’s been holding you back from signing up, you may want to go ahead and register. Expect to be asked for your Social Security number and personal information. They need it so that they can monitor the correct individual’s account, and as far as I know, all credit monitoring services require your Social Security number and other details.

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