Would Macy’s tell Gimbels? Today’s lame phishing attempt…

My inbox is awash with phishing attempts that sometimes make me laugh out loud. From today’s batch:

From: “TransUnion Notice” <[email protected]>
Subject: Experian Safety Warning: Examine your score today at no charge -13729897
Date: Tue, May 5, 2015 16:47
To: [email protected]

TransUnions Security Warning- Your free score inspection expires Tuesday, May 5, 2015., Go here now, http://checknow.aburs.us [hyperlink removed by DataBreaches.net]

Our favorite place in Monticello. The fish is great. The steaks are delicious.
The chicken tenders are to die for. And the view of the lake is so nice.
Well… Very good food! Steak sandwich is amazing….and they add mushrooms
and onions if you want…also brisket sandwich is legit! Went on a vacation to
Monticello with the gf, and the Riverside was, based on everything I
researched, the only date worthy restaurant in town. It’s on the… What a
GREAT place!….I recommend this place to anybody in search of FINE Mexican
cuisine…..The portions were huge and the prices are perfect. Expect to…
This place is AMAZING. Someone who worked at an antique store in Monticello
told us about it, and he used the word \”Amish\” somewhere in there…not sure
if… This hidden gem is an amazing establishment! Great beer, friendly
atmosphere, awesome wait staff, tasty grub, and a stellar bar tender. Steve is
the epitome… Such friendly staff! From the sounds of it they had just had a
large rush for lunch and still our server was super attentive, friendly and
accommodating…. This is a really nice place great scenery great service
great food highly roccommended Everything was just too sweet, an

Like TransUnion would ever worry about your Experian score?

Macy’s and Gimbels, folks…

And then, well, there’s everything else that’s obviously wrong with it all.

I just wish I knew what restaurant they were talking about…..

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