Would you like your bank account cleaned out with your car? Debit card breach reported by car washes. (Updates)

If you used a payment card between February 6 and February 28 at any Acme Car Wash, Clearwater Express Car Wash, Wildwater Express Carwash, or Auto Pride Car Wash location, check your debit card statements. The third-party provider for their Point-of-Sale system notified theses businesses on March 27 that malware injection on the POS system may have compromised customers’ information, including card numbers and security codes.

Notifications were uploaded to the California Attorney General’s Office today. The third-party provider was not named.

Update of April 15:  The Denver Post reports that 4,000 Waterworks Car Wash customers may also be affected.

Update of April 17: 7 Flags Car Wash & Lube (Jack Anthony Industries) was also impacted, as was Westlake Touchless Car Wash.

Update of April 20: Cyber4Sight reports that the vendor appears to be DRB Systems, who has not responded to multiple requests by Cyber4Sight for comment. Cyber4Sight also lists other car washes affected by the breach that had not been listed above, including: Belmont Car Wash, Wiki Wiki Car Wash, CEFCO Car Wash, Lavigne Plaza, Huebner Car Wash America, Auto Spa, Beaches Car Wash, and Turtle Wax Car Wash & Appearance Centers.

Update of April 21: Add South Carolina-based Wash Wizard.

May 7: We’re still finding out about affected businesses. Add Waterway in the Denver area to the list.

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