Wounded Warrior Project Taken down and Data leaked by @UG #UGNAZI

@UG or otherwise known as #UGNAZI have been making fairly big headlines recently as well as lots of confusion, but that’s another story.

UGNazi ‏@UG https://Pastebin.com/h7zDSaP5 https://Woundedwarriorproject.org Data Leak, Tick Tock #UGNazi

Today one of the @UG members has announced a data leak from the well known war vet site wounded warrior project. (https://woundedwarriorproject.org/) The leaked data appears to contain 22 admin/Privileged accounts with encrypted passwords and emails as well as the following statement in which they attempt to justify this attack by stating they are not releasing personal data of the thousands of people stored on the sites server.

Target – https://woundedwarriorproject.org (All Admin accounts + Privileged Domain accounts) Note: Since this domain is registered in favor of brave Soldiers, so private infos like military ranks, their names and DOB are not disclosed. Also we will not be releasing any CC info or anything related to personal info. But, hey th3j35t3r, Tick Tock.

At the end of the dump comes one further note,

NOTE : In respect to the US Military we will not release the full database.

So its strange that @UG have taken this path and attacked this site and even more so strange that they are actually going to hold the data, as in the past we have seen them dump loads of personal information from a wide range of breaches. https://pastebin.com/h7zDSaP5 AS well as the attack on woundedwarrirorproject.org they have also been taking down wepay and godhatesfags, with the following tweets taking place over the past 24hrs. > UGNazi ‏@UG https://Godhatesfags.com —-> Tango Down! #TheHolocaust #UGNazi UGNazi ‏@UG https://www.wepay.com/ Tango Down —>https://i.imgur.com/VlkND.png #UGNazi #TheHolocaust

They have also recently claimed to take down hostgator from a dos tool they made and as well as all the attacks they have become alot more friendly with the public over the past week, starting a few new UG twitter accounts for public relations and even having a tinychat up at one stage, answering questions from many people who have been following these attacks. At time of publishing https://Woundedwarriorproject.org appeared to still be offline,

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