hacked by Anonymous in #OpGoldenCoin

An what appears to new another new Operation by anonymous hackers, has been targeting Insecure WoW, world of Warcraft website to expose them of the false advertising that they are "secure" under the mcafee flag, when indeed they are not secure at all. Message in the video.

Welcome to Operation Golden Coin. Targets of this operation can be found in the video description. Why #opGoldenCoin? Many users of the Internet actively playing online games, but none of the seller cares about privacy. Our first target was the site, under the leadership of the RandyRun de.The website is protected daily by McAfee.Quote:The McAfee SECURE ™ trustmark appears only if the site has passed our intensive, daily security scan. We test for possible access to personal data, Links to malicious websites, phishing and other online risks. Everyone thinks the shopping on this site is secure. But there is no problem to get access to account numbers and customer data.We publish one issue of the database, and want to warn you.McAfee and all other Targets We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We will not forget. Expect us. Screenshot DB dump in HTML: Database dump in html: Database dump on pastebin: Targets: – done

As you can see above there is still 3 out of 4 targets to be hit. The leaked data contains names, phones,. emails, passwords and other personal information and can be found on mediafire or pastebin. Screen of the accountsscreenshotkqd Follow , @EuropeAnonymous for further leaks.

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