WtSpy, WhatsApp Spy Service Hacked, 179,000 Accounts Leaked


Recent times have highlighted the need for better security against surveillance and privacy of every citizen yet there is small businesses who aim to reverse this all in the name of profit and today it has become clear to CWN that one of these smaller businesses, WtSpy has been breached and had a small amount of account information dumped.

WtSpy is an service built for whatsapp.com that is provides an application designed for mobile devices that allows you to ‘spy’ on other users account activity. WtSpy attempts to sell its service as a way for parents to monitor their children and for employers to monitor their employees but there is no restriction as to who can register and one of the features they claim to provide is monitoring who a person is speaking to, when and how long for.

The breach happened on the 4th of June 2016 by a hacker using the alias bRpsd and it appears the breach not only dumped data but left the website defaced too.

The data was pasted to ghostbin and uploaded to various file sharing sites, some of which are still sharing the 30.6MB zip file which when extracted totals 112MB from 19 files over 10 folders. The content in the breach ranges from various android APK, server logs and user and administrator account information, user payment information and logs as well as a single image file called "Scam proof" which is published below but only shows a redacted page from the websites control panel which allows the administrator to set features for the payment types.


179,802 user accounts with usernames,email addresses and clear text passwords (some are encrypted, unsure why)
700 msgs, mostly junk
141,531 payment log entries with payment date, type, (unimportant information)
Users/Admin Login.txt
1 administrator account with the weak password of okokfine.
76,699 user accounts in the same format as Users/Accounts.txt.

All folders and contents:


One thing to take away from this if anything is that 29 of the registered accounts are using Saudi Arabia government emails addresses within the registration and that these types of tools appear to not be uncommon with a google search for "whatsapp, can i see who my contacts talk to" returns many promising results on how to get this done.

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