WV: Charleston Lube Partners, LLC Provides Notice of a Payment Card Security Event

Via PR Newswire:

Charleston Lube Partners, LLC, the independent owner and operator of Quaker Steak & Lube®, Charleston, West Virginia (“restaurant”), provides notice of an event that may affect the security of payment card information used by certain customers at this restaurant between February 14, 2019 and August 19, 2019.

What Happened?  Charleston Lube Partners, LLC utilizes a point of sale system at its restaurant that is managed by Midwest POS Solutions, Inc. (“Midwest POS”).  Charleston Lube Partners, LLC was alerted to unusual activity relating to payment cards that may have been used at this restaurant and immediately began working with third-party forensic investigators to investigate the report.

Through these investigations, it was discovered that payment card information may have been accessed as a result of the installation of malicious software on the point of sale system utilized at this restaurant. It was further determined that Midwest POS credentials were used to remotely access the point of sale system at this location, which allowed an unauthorized actor to deploy the malicious software into the point of sale system.

Read the full notice here.

Source: Charleston Lube Partners LLC

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  1. Swidup - February 16, 2020

    I found this today with a list of all the locations affected. They are all independently owned so we are seeing a bunch of notices. https://www.cshub.com/attacks/articles/incident-of-the-week-quaker-steak-lube-alerts-customers-to-payment-card-incident

    • Dissent - February 16, 2020

      Yep, I started seeing others with the same third party but I didn’t have time to organize anything. Thanks for the link.

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