WV: Morgan County Schools’ computers hit by Kaseya attack

Kate Evans reports:

Morgan County Schools was one of many victims of a massive Fourth of July weekend ransomware attack that struck businesses and agencies nationally and around the globe.

A Russian-based hacker group initially demanded $70 million to stop the cyberattack.

School Superintendent Kristen Tuttle said at a July 6 school board meeting that the hack occurred on Friday, July 2 and was contained to some of their office computers.  Some individual machines were infected and some files were locked from the attack.  The group behind the hack wants school officials to pay money for the files to be released.

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Well, the option to pay may be moot at this point as REvil threat actors disappeared more than 24 hours ago, as has their server for chats between victims and REvil support. Did they give the decryption keys to anyone on their way out? It is not known at this point.

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