WVSU email accounts ‘compromised’ earlier this year

Jake Jarvis reports:

Two-dozen student email addresses at West Virginia State University were “compromised” earlier this year, but the students weren’t told that someone else might have gotten into their accounts.

WVSU’s information technology department received a list in March of about 1,600 email addresses. The person who sent the list said they had been hacked by someone, according to WVSU spokeswoman Kimberly Osborne.

Osborne wouldn’t say who gave the school the list or how the person got it. On the list of compromised accounts, 24 were WVSU emails and the others were a mix of Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo accounts not associated with the school, she said.

The school never told those 24 students they appeared on the list and could have had their emails hacked into.

“We did not, and it is something that we should certainly look at in the future,” Osborne said.

Ya think? You learn that your students’ email accounts may be compromised and you don’t contact them? Wow.

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