WY: Hospital scammed for employee information (updated with other W-2 phishing incidents)

Update Feb. 2, 2017: The list for 2017 has been moved to its own post that will be updated as more incidents are reported.

Original post:

First it was Dracut Schools. Then it was Tipton County Schools and then Odessa School District whose employees had their SSN and information from W-2 forms acquired by criminals in phishing attacks. And now there’s another successful W-2 phishing attack. Kathy Brown reports:

Social Security numbers and W-2 information for about 1,400 employees who worked over the past year at Campbell County Health were mistakenly released sometime Wednesday to someone impersonating a hospital executive.

Read more on Gillette News Record.

I’ll just skip the “UPDATE” prefaces and keep going, huh? …

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