Xbox Live, How Secure is your Account

xbox-liveIt recent weeks its come to light that there is websites that have been selling off xbox live accounts, of coarse "hacked" accounts these are. Few weeks ago a 23yo women noticed extra charges on her account, after hours on the phone to Microsoft they finally stopped the account but not before she lost $215. From this she was worried and had also figured out how to get in contact with the person who stole her account, and tracked down a website that has been selling account details. Now some people have come out saying that it is very unlikely that all these people, including high ranking Microsoft workers would fall for  a phishing scam therefor leaving only one option, an exploit in the Xbox system that is allowing hackers to hijack your accounts. Really if there was an exploit of such im sure we would all know about it by now, unless this one has managed to stay "underground" which is possible. So really Microsoft needs to pick up their game, and give gamers a secure environment that they can feel safe using, after last years PSN hacks gamers have been on fairly high alert to this sorts of things and tends to have a lot of worry through out the industries. Read more about the 23yo womens story here.

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