xL3gi0n hackers take Brazil Government into sights for cyber crime laws

brazil_1-jpg-300x210Over recent years cyber crime has become almost the number one threat to many company’s and due to this many governments from around the world are now putting together task forces, new laws and tough sentencing for those accused of cyber crime. A hacker from the hacker collective xL3gion Hackers has contacted us stating they are now starting a new operation against the Brazil government for the new cyber crime laws which can see Brazilian based hackers sentenced up to 2 years for minor cyber offences. The hacker who contacted us also left a message and a dump of data that comes from https://www.corpbusiness.com.br/ and contains a heap of server information as well as 432 usernames, emails and clear text passwords. https://ozdc.net/archives.php?aid=4065 They have also stated that each week another high profile target will be attacked and data leaked until they give up with these cyber crime laws. The data leak also comes with the below message.

this will be the start of op #BRAZILEXPOSED federal police and computer hackers join forces to destroy anonymous clans and groups law goes by the coded name "Carolina Dieckmann" this law gives out or ditributes 2month to 3 years jail time this effort is to stop anonymous groups and clans of internet hacking and extraction of information now the corrupt are smart they want this to work so they wont get exposed for their actions by making a law that makes them feel safe and by them i mean the goverment no sopa or pipa or fuckin dieckmann will stop us from revealing the truth now i targeted the big company of IT inteligence to start out the attack in the next weeks to come i will target all political and non-political inteligence departments this will stand out as a warning ! for all to goverments to implement such horrible laws against us!! the future of this 21st century is our for the taking those saggy balls old fuckin politians arnt gonna take that glory from us …even though we are hackers we are not criminals our breaking of the law is only of curiosity …the real criminals are wearing suits and signing ubsurd laws against ur to shut us up ! every pastebin i do will have the current leak + the next to come already doxed because i want to play a game 😉


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