Yahoo Awarded $610M, but court cant promise they will see it

Back in 2008 a court case started, yahoo vs the phishers, Last week the court finally made its ruling that yahoo is to be awarded 610 million, 27 of which is for damages and the rest for copyright infringements, pretty stupid hey? Well what makes this even more funny is the statement that the judge has read in the ruling saying that there is a very small chance that they will actually be awarded that money due to the fact the people they are suing are lacking to even show up to court and have pretty much ignored all calls to appear so far. the statement which reads, It’s not clear whether Yahoo will be able to collect the money. A default judgment is rendered when defendants in a case fail to plead or defend an action, as happened in this case, in which the defendants never responded to Yahoo’s complaint. "Defendants have never responded in this action or appeared before the Court, much less cooperated with the Court," the judge wrote in her decision. The defendants include individuals from Thailand and Nigeria, as well as corporations from Taiwan and Nigeria. Yahoo estimates that they sent more than 11.6 million hoax lottery emails between December 2006 and May 2009.

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