Yahoo responds to Senators’ questions about breaches

Yahoo has responded to the letter sent by Republican Senators John Thune, Commerce Committee Chairman, and Jerry Moran, Consumer Protection, Product Safety, Insurance and Data Security Subcommittee Chairman. The letter had been sent because the senators felt they weren’t getting enough cooperation from the firm.

You can read Yahoo’s response here (pdf). See what you think. The firm hasn’t yet identified the intrusion associated with the recently revealed 2013 incident that compromised over one billion accounts. They first learned of that one in November 2016 when law enforcement brought them data.

As readers likely know, Yahoo’s claims about state-sponsored actors has been disputed by InfoArmor, who cite evidence from their investigations and operations on the dark web and who provide a different understanding of the breaches. And while Yahoo did not appear to accept InfoArmor’s findings or claims, the proof is somewhat in the pudding, as it was InfoArmor who subsequently brought evidence of the then-undetected 2013 breach to law enforcement that law enforcement then took to Yahoo. InfoArmor seemed to know much more about their breaches than the firm did.

So why is Yahoo still claiming state actors were involved in their response to Congress? Where is that evidence?

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