Yahoo’s FX broker YJFX updates on data breach incident

Maria Nikolova reports a follow-up to a previously reported incident involving YJFX:

The analysis has shown that 185,626 pieces of information were taken out.

  • 128,220 pieces of information were in a status in which public browsing was possible, but were not accessed.
  • 56,665 pieces of information were accessed through search engine crawlers.
  • 741 pieces of information were viewed by third parties.
[Link to LeapRate deleted after commenter kindly pointed out that the site was serving malware.]

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  1. chris - April 18, 2016

    Leaprate Site Hosting Trojan

    [url deleted]

    • Dissent - April 18, 2016

      Damn, you’re right… my system didn’t catch it. Editing post to remove link now. Thank you so much.

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