Years of poor network security at State predated a hack linked to Russia

Ken Dilanian of AP reports:

The State Department was among the worst agencies in the federal government at protecting its computer networks while Hillary Rodham Clinton was secretary from 2009 to 2013, a situation that continued to deteriorate as John Kerry took office and Russian hackers breached the department’s email system, according to independent audits and interviews.

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  1. IA Eng - October 19, 2015

    HA! as open as Clinton’s email server was, I wouldn’t be surprised that passwords were available on her inept servers that allowed the hackers to gain a foothold into the state department. Social Engineering can go a long way. Hype-Pathetically speaking, a hacker could have easily breached the Clinton server via RDP. Opened up an email client and sent a low level techie an order to create an account with a specific username and password. From there, the Russians – or anyone else for that matter – are in rummaging through the State Department files.

    The government agencies out there are some of the worse offenders in the world – do as I say – not as I do applies to most. You can look up a typical “report card” grade of all the agencies associated with the government and see they have been BAD for decades. Yes, its possible to fix the issues – but its simply easier to cross your fingers and hope the stink remains hidden until some other sap gets in office, so you can avoid the egg on face.

    If they are smart(?) they’d better be builing another network thats more modern and secure. So what if the old SOB’s in office cannot understand how to use it- comply or retire.

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