Yemen Customs Portal Hacked, 622 staff and ser Credentials Leaked

right Hacker @JokerCracker has been busy recently and despite it being new years eve/day across the world they are still leaking data. The latest leak comes from a Yemem Government Portal for the Customs authorities ( The leak was announced on twitter and posted to pastebin. > #YEMEN #Gov. #Hack by @jokercracker -> ,@thehackersblog @cyber_war_news @ozdatacenta @hackread @sweetinfoop @hackfuse — JokerCracker (@JokerCracker) January 1, 2013

The leaked data contains basic server information as well as 622 accounts, some of which are administration of the customs website. all account credentials such as passwords appear to be encrypted. Other credentials are emails, usernames and ids.

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