Yet Another Bank Sued By A Small Business For Fraudulent Hacker Transfers

Ericka Chickowski reports:

A new court case brought to bear against Professional Business Bank by Village View Escrow Inc. continued the battle waged over who’s to blame for hacking attacks that leave small business accounts drained following online password theft. Filed in late June in the California Superior Court in Los Angeles, the case is the latest in a string of suits filed in U.S .courts by small businesses who believe their banks are to blame for failing to properly protect their accounts from predatory hackers.

Village View’s lawyers say the bank should be on the hook for $465,000 siphoned off by hackers in March 2010, plus bank fees and damages incurred by the loss. Village View told the court that Professional Business Bank led it to believe that the institution employed safe online banking practices when signed with the bank in 2008.

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