Yet another laptop stolen from a car puts employee data at risk

Lam Research Corporation has been notifying employees that their personal information was on a laptop stolen from the car of an employee.

The laptop was stolen on the night of March 9 or early morning March 10. The company’s investigation indicates that the laptop, which was password- and fingerprint-protected, contained first and last names and Social Security numbers of Lam Research North America regular employees who were employed by Lam Research on or after January 1, 2008 and some temporary or contract workers retained after August 1, 2007.

Although the number of employees affected by the breach was not indicated in the notification to the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office, a profile of Lam Research indicates that it has 3,000 full-time employees.

There was no indication in the letter as to whether the employee who left the laptop in the vehicle had violated company policy or had been disciplined for the breach.

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