Yet Another Sony Breach Went Unreported In January As 47,740 Individuals’ Data Exposed

Thomas Fox-Brewster reports yet another Sony breach that was disclosed in the hackers’ email dump. Prior to the Brazil breach in February 2014 (also revealed in corporate emails and also not disclosed publicly by Sony at the time), there was apparently an incident involving their German web site in January:

…  An email from Courtney Schaberg, VP of legal compliance at Sony Pictures, to general counsel Leah Weil, dated 16 January 2014, reported a compromise of the site. The website was swiftly taken down after it emerged the site had been hacked to serve up malware to visitors. Schaberg also expressed concern that email addresses and birthdates for 47,740 individuals who signed up to the site’s newsletter had been accessed by the attacker.

On Friday 17 January 2014, Schaberg told Weil that it was unclear whether personal information had been taken as an investigation by a third party would not start until the following Monday, but it was unlikely Sony would disclose the breach publicly.

Read more about this incident and Sony’s response to it on Forbes.

And this is exactly the kind of newsworthy reporting that this blogger thinks is justified, despite Sony’s semi-threatening warning to media outlets about using or disseminating the hacked material.

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