YMCA says someone stole computer with members’ data

David Ibata reports:

The YMCA of Metro Atlanta has put out an alert to some members that a computer containing their financial information has been stolen, Channel 2 Action News reports.

The organization would not say how many people could be at risk.

One former YMCA member, Felix Ledee of Coweta County, told Channel 2 he received a letter Monday reporting the theft of several computers from a software testing vendor on Nov. 9.

One of the computers, the letter said, contained personal information of members active in 2008, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, birth dates and bank account and credit card numbers.

The computer was, however, password protected, according to the letter, dated Nov. 14.

Read more on AJC.  WSBTV also covers the incident and provides a copy of the notification letter.

So what was a software testing vendor doing with real data?

And why was YMCA still storing bank account and credit card numbers from 2008?

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