Your Poorly Secured Medical Credit Score Could Deny You Care

I didn’t even know I had/have a medical credit score.  Do I?  Do you? Joe Cadillic sends along this eye-opener of a report by Keith Axline:

Private hospitals are now consulting a secret medical credit score from Experian before you even see a doctor. As a patient you do not have access to this score, nor can you see how it is generated. All you know is that you may be denied care, or receive different care, because of it.

In our backward health care system, neither the hospitals nor Experian see any potential issue with this.


I spoke with Ashley Reede, an information systems and privacy consultant, who worked with a private hospital in California as they were onboarding Experian’s ‘Financial Clearance’ system. What she saw was quite upsetting and she wants people to know what’s happening with their data.

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