Zappos data breach settlement: users get 10% store discount, lawyers get $1.6m

Long-time readers will remember the 2012 Zappos breach that impacted 24 million of their online customers. The breach and its resulting litigation have been covered on this site previously, including Zappos’s failure in March of this year to get the Supreme Court to hear their appeal of a Ninth Circuit decision that had allowed the case to go forward. With no help from the Supreme Court, the case moved towards settlement. And now Catalin Cimpanu reports:

Zappos users who had their data stolen in a 2012 data breach will receive only a meager 10% discount to use on the Zappos online store, as part of a proposed class-action lawsuit settlement.

Their lawyers, on the other hand, are set to receive $1,620,000 in attorneys’ fees and other legal costs, according to a preliminary settlement filed last month.

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