Zero tolerance for human error? Utah governor fires tech director

Heather May reports that at least one head has rolled in the wake of  the Utah Department of Health breach in March:

Gov. Gary Herbert apologized to the 780,000 victims of the health data security breach on Tuesday.

To restore the public’s trust, he announced Tuesday that he fired Department of Technology Services director Stephen Fletcher and hired an ombudsman to shepherd victims through the process of protecting their identities and credit.


He said Fletcher was asked to resign, saying the director lacked “oversight and leadership.”

The governor said the status of two other technology employees is also being reviewed. They could be reprimanded or fired.

Herbert declined to give details of what protocols the employees failed to follow that allowed hackers, likely from Romania, to swipe the Social Security numbers and other data from health department servers on March 30. He said they are being investigated, but added that the breach was related to the failure to change a default password.

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