Zeus computer virus nabs Social Security numbers from Virginia Tech computer

Tonia Moxley reports that a computer in  Virginia Tech controller’s office was infected by a virus that sent Social Security numbers and some financial data on current and former employees overseas before it was detected:

About 370 people were affected, and all have been notified by mail of the security breach.

The university will pay for credit monitoring for those whose data was captured and apparently sent overseas by the virus, Owczarski said. To date, Owczarski said there had been no reports of identity theft or other problems related to the security breach.

According to a copy of the letter sent to those affected, the virus was found Feb. 23 and had infected the computer since Feb. 15.

Read more in the Roanoke Times. Eight days to discover the virus? Some would say it’s too long, and of course it is, but given how often viruses go undetected for much longer, this strikes me as pretty good work on the IT department’s part. Your mileage/view may vary.

h/t/, Educational Security Incidents

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